“Design and Execution of Green Spaces and Commercialization of Associated Equipment, Forestry and Fences.”

Since the beginning of its activity, VEDAP, S.A. has been continuously improving its products and services through a Quality Management system according to ISO 9001 and the Environmental Certification system according to ISO 14001 .

The application of this policy constitutes an individual responsibility of each employee of VEDAP, S.A.

Its mission is:

Continuous improvement in the prevention of contamination to eliminate or reduce the possible impacts generated by its activity.
Ensure compliance with legal requirements.
Collaborate with our clients and suppliers in the improvement of their activities.
Training to educate environmentally and raise awareness of our employees.
Communicate environmental policy and objectives.

NOTE: Within the scope of Continuous Improvement of products / services to be provided to its Customers, VEDAP, S.A., annually performs an internal process of global evaluation of the performance of its Suppliers of goods and services in the following parameters:

Service quality;
Delivery of Documentation (Certificates, Technical Sheets, compliance with legislation …);
Deadline accomplishments;
Assistance / problem solving;
Speed ​​in Budgeting.

This activity of the Management System allows to attest the trust in the partners with whom VEDAP, S.A. works, while ensuring the quality of the company’s overall performance